Check out Kroeker Lab grad student Sarah Lummis and her work in Tomales Bay!

The Nature Conservancy is working with Hog Island Oyster Company and the University of California Santa Cruz to use drones to assess the impact of oyster aquaculture on eelgrass in Tomales Bay, California.

1st year PhD student Lauren Bell was a research biologist at the Sitka Sound Science Center in Sitka, Alaska, prior to starting her graduate studies through UCSC. Check out this short video introducing a subtidal monitoring project she initiated in Sitka in 2017, and learn more about this multifaceted project at its dedicated page. 

Former undergrad Erica Ferrer explores how we study ocean acidification!

Benvenuto a Castello Aragonese in Ischia, Italia! Ischia, a small island in the Bay of Naples, is home to a unique volcanic vent system that allows us to study the effects of climate change in our oceans in situ.

Spanish version:

Grad student Emily Donham explores kelp forests of the future! Video by Emily Donham.

Kroeker Lab graduate student Sarah Lummis explains her path to science and her passion in marine ecology. Video by Emily Donham.

Inseine!! Check out Emily Donham's musical interpretation of Jason Toy's research endeavor in Elkhorn Slough!